Since the takeover of Fox by Disney, many viewers have been waiting for the famous mutant Wolverine to appear in the MCU. And if Marvel has no doubt difficulty in replacing Hugh Jackman, some names come back regularly in the news, including that of Taron Egerton. The recent statements of the actor could put fire to the powder.

Hugh Jackman, the indestructible Wolverine

But who will replace Hugh Jackman? The Australian actor has left his mark on the role of Wolverine to such an extent that the challenge of playing the mutant seems almost insurmountable. If many names are regularly coming up in the news, no concrete lead seems to stand out.

For the moment, fans of the Beast Man are more likely to see their favorite character appear in the Insomniac game than on the big screen. Nevertheless, things could well accelerate for the arrival of the hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An actor has just met with the studio’s representatives to talk about his possible involvement in the comic book universe. This actor is Taron Egerton. The British actor could be in the running to take over from Hugh Jackman.

Taron Egerton and Wolverine?

This isn’t the first time the actor’s name has gravitated to the role of Wolverine. Taron Egerton, mainly known for Kingsman and Rocketman, was already talking about the character in 2019 when some fans were hoping to see him appear claws in hand.

That someone thinks I’d be good for the part is really flattering. I love Marvel but it’s just fan stuff. There’s no basis for these rumors.

Except that since 2019, the situation has changed. During an interview with the New York Times, Taron Egerton announced that he had met with representatives of Marvel, including Kevin Feige. And he once again expressed his interest in the role, although he admits that he would approach it with some “apprehension”.

I’d be excited, but I’d also be very apprehensive because Hugh (Jackman) is so associated with the role that I think it would be really hard to pass him up. But if it comes up, I hope they’ll offer me the part.

According to the actor, Marvel would not have offered him the role yet. But these declarations are far from insignificant. Considering the insistence to which the name of the actor comes back around Wolverine, this meeting and the interest that Taron Egerton has for the character let us foresee a return of the clawed hero soon. We obviously hope for a real announcement from Marvel soon. To be continued.

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