Tekken Bloodlines: Release date, story.....on reviews of the Netflix anime

Tekken Bloodlines: Release date, story…..on reviews of the Netflix anime

Bandai’s famous fighting video game gets an anime adaptation on Netflix. Release date, story … We tell you everything about Tekken Bloodlines.

What is the release date of the Tekken Bloodlines anime?

The famous fighting game Tekken will have the right to its anime adaptation and it will be released very soon. If no precise date has been communicated, it is nevertheless in 2022 that the series is expected. If it is produced in collaboration with the studio Bandai Namco, then we can expect to see one episode per week, but if not, they will all be released at the same time. For this kind of format, Netflix subscribers can expect 12 episodes.

How to see the anime Tekken Bloodlines?

To see Tekken Bloodlines, you will have to go to the paid streaming platform Netflix. We do not yet know the rate of broadcasting of the anime. One of the particularities of this production is its realization in 3D, which does not prevent it from having a graphic style specific to Japanese animation. For the moment, no information has been revealed about the number of seasons but knowing that there are 7 Tekken games, the possibilities of adaptations and spin-offs are consequent.

What is the link between the games and Tekken Bloodlines?

Tekken is a fighting game in seven opuses originally developed for arcade terminals. The principle is simple, the player chooses a fighter who masters a particular martial art and he faces a second one in a duel. The story focuses on tournaments where the winner takes control of families and companies. It is Tekken 3 that the anime will adapt, but it will certainly not be mandatory to have played the games to get into the series. Netflix likes to leave the door open to the curious.

What is the synopsis of the Tekken Bloodlines anime?

As explained, this is the third episode that the anime will adapt. We don’t know if this adaptation will be faithful or just strongly inspired. We will follow Jin, who learned the family self-defense art of traditional martial arts from his mother Jun’s Kazama school. Unfortunately, his life is going to be turned upside down, which will remind him that he is not strong enough when he has to face the outside world. He has lost everything and wants to get revenge, so he naturally heads for the Iron Fist King tournament.

Who are the creators behind the Tekken Bloodlines anime?

Katsuhiro Harada spoke a lot about the development of the series but remained quite discreet about the team around him. We don’t know who is doing the 3D and we don’t even know who the director is. It’s possible that the game team will have a say, like Michael Murray and Motohiro Okubo, the producers of Tekken 7. As for the directors of the game, Katsuhiro Harada, Kouhei Ikeda, and Yuichi Yonemori could perhaps touch the series.

What is the cast of the anime Tekken Bloodlines?

For the moment, it is not known who will be the dubbers of Tekken Bloodlines, but it is possible that the characters will take over the dubbing of the game. If it is the case Jin, should be dubbed by Isshin Chiba in Japanese. His mother Jun could be dubbed by Shiho Kikuchi (Tekken 2, Tekken Tag Tournament) or Mamiko Noto ( Tekken Tag Tournament 2). His grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, who is seen in battle with his grandson could be played by Banjō Ginga (Tekken), Wataru Takagi (Tekken 2) or Daisuke Gōri.

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