Solo Leveling: the anime is official, the release is already planned!

Solo Leveling: the anime is official, the release is already planned!

It’s official: Solo Leveling will have its anime in 2023. It will be broadcast on Crunchyroll, announced this weekend during the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Solo Leveling: the anime made official

This weekend took place at the Anime Expo (also called AX), an American anime convention organized in Los Angeles. As expected, Crunchyroll had a booth there. During the event, the SVOD platform specialized in anime broadcasting announced the TV adaptation of Solo Leveling, a famous work of the last few years. Solo Leveling will be broadcast by Crunchyroll, which released a poster of its adaptation and a message from Chugong. Here is what one of the creators of the work says:

About six years ago, when I was writing the very beginning of Solo Leveling, if someone had told me: “The novel you wrote is going to be a comic book”, I bet I would have told him to stop messing with me (…) And now, I’m told there’s going to be an anime?! Really, stop messing with me! I’m so excited and thrilled! Since I still half doubt that it’s real, I want to see Jinwoo and the other characters animated soon and feel relieved. I will continue to work diligently until that day.

The manhwa, a term to indicate the mangas of Korean origin, takes place in a contemporary universe to ours and Seoul. We follow the journeys of Sung Jin-Woo, a monster hunter considered as weak. During an expedition, he is left for dead. Finally, he wakes up in the hospital with a new ability: to level up and unlock new techniques, which is usually impossible in the world of Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling anime: what is the release date of the anime?

A synopsis that has been able to seduce since the anime adaptations are often the result of an already proven success of the main work. Thanks to the poster, we know that the anime will be released in 2023, which specified the teams behind the adaptation. For example, we note that it is the studio A-1 Pictures that will direct it: it is one of the essential studios of recent years since it has been responsible for the adaptation of several successful works: Seven Deadly Sins, Your Lie In April, Fairy Tail and more recently Kaguya-sama: Love is War and 86: Eighty-Six. The composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, is also a veteran: Attack of the Titans, Ao no Exorcist, Xenoblade Chronicles, and League of Legends are some of the video games I worked on.

Staff behind the anime Solo Leveling
Original work: Solo Leveling by DUBU (REDICE Studio), Chugong, h-goon
Director: Shunsuke Nakashige (Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory)
Head Writer: Noboru Kimura (Kemono Incidents)
Character Designer: Tomoko Sudo (Fragtime)
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack of the Titans, 86 EIGHTY-SIX)
Animation studio: A-1 Pictures (Fairy Tail, Nanatsu no Taizai, Erased or Your Lie In April)

As a reminder, the anime is expected next year. We don’t know if the whole work will be adapted at once since there are 179 chapters to be transcribed on the small screen. However, we can legitimately consider that the success of the anime should be there to convince the producers to make several seasons.

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