Ms. Marvel’s story continues to expand as the series airs on Disney+. In the most recent fourth episode, our young heroine in the making met a new superhero: Red Dagger.

A character from the comics

The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel brought Kamala Khan back to her homeland of Pakistan. Amid all her adventures, she crosses paths with a new ally. Played by the American Aramis Knight, Red Dagger is the newcomer to the Ms. Marvel series. His real name is Kareem, and he wields a dagger with unparalleled skill, masked by a red scarf. Unlike in the comics, he is part of a secret organization that aims to protect humans and our dimension.

In the comics, he is a student living with Kamala’s grandmother, performing his role as a superhero at night. The character was created by G. Willow Wilson and Mirka Andolfo and made his first appearance in Ms. Marvel #12 in 2016. Unlike Kamala Khan, Red Dagger has no superpowers, which he makes up for very well with his agility, proving that he can take on his opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

Soon the end of the Ms. Marvel adventure.

This fourth episode ended with a cliffhanger, once again. Marvel seems to be returning on the time travel road again, making its story a little more complex. Miss Marvel still has two episodes left to complete her story and adequately prepare her for meeting with her idol, Captain Marvel. The two superheroines will share the poster of the movie The Marvels, which will be released on July 26, 2023.

Ms. Marvel shines by its originality, colors, and diversity; Iman Vellani interprets the first Muslim superheroine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Too much novelty for some, but that doesn’t stop the series, which is recovering from the review-bombing it suffered at its beginning. For now, it seems that the series continues to convince its audience if we believe its overall rating on the site Rotten Tomatoes, which is an impressive 98%.

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