Despite the approaching summer vacations, July is a busy month for manga fans. Demon Slayer is coming to an end with volume n°23, while Berserk volume n°41 will be the perfect springboard for the last chapters published recently.

Beware of spoilers
Some of the works presented here are in progress. It is possible that important information of the selected mangas will be revealed, spoiling the pleasure of discovery during the reading.

The big manga releases of July 2022

Demon Slayer: the end of the journey

While the second season of its animated adaptation has just been aired worldwide, the manga Demon Slayer reaches the epilogue. Already published in Japan in December 2020, volume 23 of Tanjirô’s adventures to defeat Mûzan and give back to his sister her human appearance is the conclusion. It will be released on July 06. For the fans of the anime who are in a hurry to know the end of the story, you just have to go back to chapter 70: it is the direct continuation of the narrative arc of the Pleasure District. It appears in volume 8. For the others, it will be enough to be patient. There are still many story arcs to be covered by the ufotable adaptation, the next one to come is the Village of the Blacksmiths. However, those to come (and especially the last one) should be a delight for the retina knowing the quality of the work provided by the studio for the animation.

  • The TV adaptation of Demon Slayer is available on Crunchyroll. Season 1, the movie, and season 2 are available there.
  • Available on July 06, 2022.
  • Get Demon Slayer tome 23 in your nearest bookstore
  • The animated adaptation is available…

Berserk: The manga resumes after the death of Kentaro Miura

In May 2021, the mangaka Kentaro Miura passed away. The author of Berserk then left work in suspense and distraught fans. Nevertheless, the publication of the manga has resumed and will not stop after the publication of volume 41 (including chapter 364, republished posthumously) in France. This is the occasion to remind us that it will be released soon in July and that it is worth (re)diving into one of the most influential series in its field. At the same time, we will make a small mention to Duranki. The manga, scripted and produced by Miura but drawn by the Gaga studio (Miura’s assistants collective), is also scheduled to be released in July. It tells the story of Usumgallu, a mysterious child born without sex who will go to meet the gods and humans who populate the planet.

  • Berserk tome 41 and Duranki tome 1 will be available on July 06.
  • Berserk tome 01 is available in your nearest bookstore

Blue Period: painting and the inner journey

Blue Period crosses the ten mark with the publication of its tenth volume in this month of July. The manga, directed by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, tells the story of high school student Yaguchi Yakutora. He is a studious student (top five of his class) but without real passion in life. He is going to have a small click when one of his friends makes him discover, involuntarily, the drawing classes and the painting. Blue Period” tells the story of Yagutora’s inner journey and the questions he asks himself in his goal to reach the Tokyo University of Arts: more than describing special drawing techniques, manga can help anyone to enrich his identity. For those who prefer the TV versions to the paper ones, you should know that “Blue Period” was adapted into an anime last year and is available on Netflix.

  • Available on July 13, 2022.
  • Get Blue Period tome 01 in your nearest bookstore

Fire Force: the story of the pyromaniac fireman

If mangas like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack of the Titans, or My Hero Academia have been at the top of the sales charts these last years, some works were not always far behind. This is the case of Fire Force, the manga of Atsushi Ookubo: it has found an epilogue in Japan with almost 34 volumes published while it is the volume n°24 which is about to be released in France. A consequent story that can be adapted to the most greedy readers. Fire Force takes place in contemporary Tokyo, in the year 198 of the Solar Age. Some of the residents sometimes explode by transforming into fire demons called Infernals. The management of these demons, known as first-generation, requires a special unit of firemen. It is this one that Shinra Kusakabe, the main character of the manga and third-generation demon, will join. He can control at will the fire that comes out of his feet, earning him the nickname of “Devil”. He joins these special forces in order to understand the origin of this phenomenon and to find the killer of his family twelve years earlier.

  • Fire Force is also available as an animated adaptation and has three seasons. The series is available on ADN and Crunchyroll.
  • Available on July 08, 2022.
  • Get Fire Force tome 01 in your nearest bookstore

Green Mechanic: the Swiss nugget!

Science fiction and post-apo are on the agenda for Green Mechanic, the manga directed by the Swiss Yami Shin. Humanity has turned its planet into a garbage heap, where only one area is habitable. This is the Megalopolis where men, robots and Ersatz, monstrous creatures hunted by the Militia, live together. We follow the story of Misha, an orphan with highly developed empathy powers. She seeks to find her best friend Michael, kidnapped ten years ago by Ersatz. With a robot capable of transforming into anyone, she will join a group of investigators called The Reinforcements and will go in search of her best friend.

  • Available on July 07.
  • Get Green Mechanic tome 01 in your nearest bookstore
The other manga releases in progress
Ao Ashi t.10- Football - July 06, 2022
Bakemonogatari t.14 - School, Fantasy and Romance - 06 July 2022
Banana Fish t.9 - Action and Mafia - July 06
Kaguya Sama - Love is War t.10 - School & Romance - July 06, 2022
Shangri-LA Frontier t.5 - Isekai and video game - 06 July 2022
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun t.8 - Gender Bender, School life and paranormal - 06 July 2022
Tokyo Revengers t.19 - Drama and action (Gangs and time travel) - 06 July 2022
Frieren - Fantasy, elf and adventure - July 07, 2022
The Apothecary's Notebooks t.9 - espionage, treason and imperial court - July 07, 2022
My Hero Academia t.33 - Superpowers, school life and fantasy - 07 July 2022
Ayakashi Triangle - Gender Bender, Fantasy and Exorcism - July 13, 2022
Horimiya t.5 - Romance, School Life and Friendship - July 13, 2022
The Way of the Tablies t.8 - Reincarnation and Yakuza - July 13, 2022
Me, when I'm reincarnated as a Slime t.19 - Reincarnation and other world - July 13, 2022
Tales of Demons and Gods t.17 - Reincarnation, Fantasy and School Life - July 13, 2022

What’s new in July 2022

Komi Searches for words: the lambda boy and the beautiful mute

A real hit in Japan with already 25 volumes published, Komi Can’t Communicate arrives in France with the publisher Pika and the translation Komi Cherche ses mots. We follow Komi, a high school girl considered as a goddess by all her friends because she is beautiful and talented in class. Despite her qualities, Komi is unable to talk to people, either in public or face to face. Only one student in her class notices her: Tadano, who is considered to be more than just the average student in the class (even though he is said to have the ability to read people’s minds well). He promises Komi to help him make a hundred friends, but the road is long when one is unable to communicate: this gives way to humorous situations, sprinkled with a touch of romance between the two protagonists.

  • Komi seeks his words is also available as a television adaptation. Two seasons have already been released, but only the first one is included in the Netflix catalog.
  • Available on July 06, 2022.

The Walkers of the Apocalypse: a journey through Japan

Still in the fantasy but on the side of science fiction with the manga Les Promeneuses de l’Apocalypse. As its name indicates, its theme is post-apocalyptic as we follow two young women through a ruined Japan. Saitoh Sakae’s manga promises to take the reader through cult places of Japan, as the two protagonists travel around the archipelago on their motorcycles: Big Sight of Tokyo, Yokohama Bay and Mount Fuji are among the many places they visit. A great way to travel at home in this complicated period.

  • Available on July 13, 2022

Yusei no Last Boss: The Next Sword Art Online

As we know, video game is a recurrent theme in the manga universe. A theme is so often recurrent that it gave birth to a certain type of work: those where the hero is immersed in the world of his favorite video game. This has been the case for works such as Sword Art Online or No Game No Life, and more recently In the Land of Leadale and Shangri-LA Frontier. It is also the case for Yusei no Last Boss, a small success in Japan (eight volumes in progress). It tells the story of a man who reached the highest peaks of the game Exgate Online”, but was defeated by a group of heroes. 200 years later, he is teleported to Exgate and plays his own character: he will have to put the chaos back in order, in total disarray since his defeat.

  • Available on July 13, 2022.

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