The 41st volume of Berserk finally arrives and blows the very last ember of life Kentaro Miura, unfortunately, passed away last year, since this is the last volume drawn entirely by the master before his death. Here is everything you need to know about this tome with a melancholic flavor.

What is the release date of Berserk Volume 41?

Volume number 41 of Berserk will be published on July 6, 2022. Fans had to wait for a long time, as usual, before getting a sequel to Kentaro Miura’s legendary manga. Indeed, the author has always taken his time before publishing a chapter. This can be seen only in his drawings, worthy of a true work of a goldsmith. Many fans as well as his colleagues have asked about the production of this work: how does he reach this level of detail? I can only tell you one thing: talent. Kentaro Miura is undoubtedly one of the most influential mangakas of his generation. Each of his chapters was awaited like the messiah, so much the plot and the plastic of the work were thrilling. Each page is full of details that we have fun discovering with each rereading. And it is obviously the case this volume 41 proposes us to continue the narrative arc of the “King of the twirling petals”.

What is the synopsis of Berserk Tome 41?

After the ritual of the “King of the twirling petals”, Casca manages to wake up from her eternal nightmare. She finally finds Guts, but the joy is short-lived. Atrocious memories resurface, plunging her into a deep horror to scream with terror. In parallel to these events, Griffith’s imperial army, built around the new Falcon troop, makes its grand return to the capital. Peace could finally have been established, if only for a moment, but the fate of the island does not intend it that way. As a result, darkness and light are destined to cross paths once again.

Who is Kentaro Miura, the author behind Berserk?

As said before, Kentaro Miura is one of the most influential mangakas of his generation. Born on July 11, 1966, in Chiba, in the Kantō region of Japan, the future mangaka gives the impression that he was predestined for the task. He is the son of an advertising storyboard artist and an art teacher, which directly explains his attraction to draw. He started to create at a very young age before launching his first manga at the incredible age of 10. Miuranger was published in his elementary school for his classmates and has more than 40 volumes.

When he entered university in 1982, he became an assistant to George Morikawa, author of Ippo, who was the same age as him. Seeing Miura’s talent, Morikawa encouraged him to start his own career as a mangaka. In 1985, he got a nomination for “Best young talent” in the famous Weekly Shonen Magazine, allowing him to reach notoriety. Then, the master started his Magnum Opus, Berserk in 1989, showing all the power of his talent. Composed of 41 volumes, the manga will never know the end of its author, since, unfortunately, Kentaro Muira died on May 6, 2021, of an aortic dissection, giving volume 41 a melancholic aura.

Do you want to know more?

  • Despite the death of Kentaro Miura, the manga will continue. It will be taken over by his friend Kouji Mori with the help of the Gaga studio. K. Miura had told him about the stories and episodes he had in mind for Berserk. In addition, Miura left behind memos of ideas and character designs before he died.
  • This sequel will have 6 chapters to conclude the Fantasia arc before starting a whole new part of Guts’ story. Publication began on June 24, 2022, in Japan.
  • Koji Mori is the only man who knows the whole history of Berserk. He promises not to distort the original work and to be faithful to the vision of his late friend until the end.
  • A special edition of volume 41 is planned to pay tribute to Kentaro Miura.

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