2000s Fashion The coolest styles of the new millennium

It wasn’t that long ago when we welcomed the new millennium. Digitalization was in full swing and no one really knew if computers would even work in the year 2000. Not only cell phones, such as the legendary Nokia 3310, were extremely popular in the first decade of the new millennium and are currently experiencing a revival in updated versions. The fashion trends of the 2000s are also back in fashion. This enjoys a huge variety of different styles.

Raw denim, a favorite of the 2000s clothing

As far as jeans fashion is concerned, the new millennium presented itself rather inconspicuously. Even though nothing went without the blue fabric, the pieces were predominantly kept simple. The bootcut in classic dark denim was the hottest jeans style. For the ladies, the waistband often sat casually on the hip so that the top-rated tattoo at waist level could be attractively staged.

Also in vogue was the skinny jean, which can probably still be found in many closets today. Not only in the summer, but the denim skirt also had a high season.

Upcycling, a trend of our days, was already in line with the zeitgeist in the 2000s. Why throw away clothes when they can be worn as stylish favorite skirts for a longer time?

Fashionistas courageously grabbed scissors and needles and first separated the seams of the pants up to the button placket and the middle of the back. The fabric, now lying smoothly on top of each other, was cut off at about mid-thigh and the seams were smoothly closed to form the skirt part. If you would like to rework this skirt, you can safely omit the skirt hem. This creates a slightly frayed look with open edges that is extremely trendy right now.

An absolute must-have of the 2000s fashion was slim-fit cycling or capri pants in a contrasting color, worn under the skirt. With this stylish look, you are currently back on-trend.

Fashionably practical cargo pants

This comfortable 2000s garment was a popular alternative to the still in-demand baggy pants. In the wake of casual styles of the past few years, these pants are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, albeit with a slightly different look.

The clothing corresponding to today’s fashion trends presents itself, for example, in a casual workwear look. You’ll also be right on trend with Bermuda-length cargo pants, which provide stylish variety in your closet, especially in summer. They are great with a T-shirt in a camouflage look, but also fit perfectly with a classic shirt or a blouse with short sleeves. Sporty works the highlight of the 2000s fashion with white sneakers and a bright polo shirt.

Elegant navy style or restrained nude look?

While bright shades were still the spirit of the times at the beginning of the decade, this changed in the following years and more subdued and classic colors came into play in clothing. The navy experienced its first fashion revival in the 2000s. 

Typical for this style, which is currently very popular again, are horizontal stripes or plain shirts in red or white. These are worn with dark blue trousers or a navy blue skirt. Jewelry accessories in gold and silk scarves with prints matching the theme complete the styling.

Subtle yet not boring, the nude look was presented, combining skin-like, natural-looking tones. It doesn’t have to be a very playful mullet dress in a skin tone, as in the 2000s outfits. The rediscovered trend also fits wonderfully with the casual fashion of our time.

For example, wear a cream top with a denim skirt or pair a tan blouse with beige chinos and a cardigan in the same tone.

Layering, Level 2000

Among the hottest fashion trends of the 00 decades was the combination of dress and pants. This combination is also celebrating a brilliant comeback. So you no longer have to decide between the two garments in the morning, but may combine them in a casually cool style.

For example, very chic is a styling, the basis of which is a softly falling sweatpant. Wear a mini dress made of elastic material over it. Following the current layering trend, color-coordinate a fine-knit sweater over it to create a distinctly modern, three-layered interpretation of millennial fashion.

In all-black, this look looks wonderfully elegant. In this case, choose a pair of black skinny jeans over which you pull a midi dress in the same shade.

Caps, essential for casual 2000s fashion

It-girls like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears almost never left the house in the millennium decade without one accessory: their favorite baseball cap. It, too, is currently making a comeback in the wake of retro fashion trends.

In urban style, the headgear goes great with jeans, a T-shirt and a college jacket, and in this combination turns a rather plain look into a trend styling. It looks at least as good with chinos and a polo shirt. Even with cloth trousers, suit jacket and shirt, cool caps are worn this year, proving that a dose of coolness suits this high fashion excellently.

The handbag makes itself small

With the 2000s fashion, the suitable Nice-to-haves may not be missing. However, you should leave the roomy shopper at home for an authentic look.

In line with the fashion trends of the time and true to the motto: “The smaller the better”, preferably reach for a compact bag like the Halfar Mini Flap Bag.

Popular was the so-called baguette bag, whose shape is much wider than high. B&C Duffe Bag DNM Feeling Good interprets the 2000s trends very attractively and at the same time fits wonderfully with current clothes.

Varied, colorful, and fascinating

In the wake of retro trends, the stylings of the millennium decade are also experiencing a revival. Many pieces still look very familiar to us, as we have often experienced this fashionable era ourselves. Whether uncomplicated denim skirt with shirt, stylish pants-skirt combination, cargo pants with camouflage shirt, or trendy navy look, the interesting fashion trends of this time inspire to this day.

Whether in your free time, at work, or on a stroll through the city, the varied clothing of the 2000s fashion is fun and brings a breath of fresh air into your closet.

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